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Brand: R.H.Engineering

Available in Different Models :

 RHI – 4000 / RHI – 5000
 Web width available: 1100mm, 1300mm, 1500mm
 Rotational HMI to ease of operation.
 Memorize position stop.
 Reduce wastage of final product.

Options :

 100% defect detection system
 Edge trimming section
 Web Video Web Video
The inspection Rewinding machine is used extensively for the inspection and editing of printed substrate. 
Shaft less unwinder and rewinder for easy loading & unloading of reels.
Machine runs in both directions forward and reverse. 
User to stop and bring back the defect. 
Salvage rewind station to discard the waste material. 
Manual inspection through a full width stroboscope with color mark sensor.